35 school directors, teachers, and several specialists on autism spectrum disorders (and more specifically on the inclusion of autistic children in mainstream schools) participated at the ETTECEC Czech national event on November 8th  2019, hosted by Schola Empirica and Mateřská škola, to learn more about the project training platform and broaden their knowledge about inclusive education.

See the picture gallery of the event

At this event, the results of the pilot of the ETTECEC training in the Czech Republic led by FMŠ Sluníčko pod střechou and Schola Empirica were also presented. In summer 2019, 12 teachers from four different schools dealing with a total of 13 children on the autism spectrum followed the ETTECEC online course and, in September and October, they implemented the ETTECEC strategies in their classrooms.

Teachers involved in this pilot programme reported that the online platform is “very comprehensive and user-friendly” and appreciated both theoretical information on recognizing early signs of autism and practical learning based on real-life situations from the classrooms, as well as the importance of self-focus. Once in the classroom, the problem most often encountered was aggressive behaviour, refusing or ignoring requests, behaving in a socially inadequate way, screaming when frustrated, and self-stimulatory behavior.

However, numerous ETTECEC strategies proved to be effective, such as the implementation of daily routines, motivation techniques, using visuals, identifying triggering situations, assigning the child an important task, or the verbal support and appraisal.

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