From the 3 to the 6 september,  the largest research and educational institution in northern Germany the Universität Hamburg held the conference ECER 2019- Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future. In this framework, ETTECEC partners Manja Veldin and Maša Vidmar presented the ETTECEC project and its online training, and the key challenge faced by pre-school teachers dealing with children on the autism spectrum in Spain, Czech Republic, and Slovenia. The title of their abstract was “Preschool Teachers´Key Challenges In Addressing ASD: A Case Study In Three EU Countries”.

More information about the abstract

This abstract, drafted by ETTECEC partners Manja Veldin (presenting / submitting), Maša Vidmar(presenting), Maja Škrubej Novak, Davinia González, and Petra Ristić, Egle Havrdováreflects the need for education and training for pre-school teachers, aiming to reduce disparities and foster inclusion in pre-school classes, through enhancing their competencies, as well as awareness in services for autism.

The annual ECER conference, organised by the EERA – European Educational Research Association, is a platform for educational research that seeks to respond to the questions outlined here.

More information about the ECER conferences

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