During the second stage of the project, ETTECEC partners have completed qualitative interviews with 22 pre-school teachers and were involved in school and classroom observations in order to detect the problems encountered by teachers pupils and, more generally, by families.

The report presents the summary of observations and interviews carried out in seven schools from Spain, Czech Republic and Slovenia, which will serve as a basis for the training content that will be developed by the project partners.

The report concludes that, despite that the three involved countries have very different educational contexts, they have some similar needs. Indeed, none of the interviewed teachers had basic knowledge about autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and all of them lacked of synergy between health professionals, families and teachers. Those conclusions have led to the definition of the final curriculum of the training that will be developed in the framework of the project.

The main modules of the curriculum include:

  1. Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
  2. Guidelines on how to detect Autism Spectrum Disorders
  3. Strategies to implement when working with autistic children and self-care methods for teachers

More information

The observations have been coordinated by Asociación Mi Hijo y Yo and counted with the support of the Educational Research InstituteSchola EmpiricaFakultní mateřská škola “Sluníčko pod střechou” and Svetovalnica za avtizem.

This report is also available on ResearchGate.

Download the report

Download other resources

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