Over 50 people including people on the autism spectrum, professionals, parents, academics, policy makers, journalist and other interested parties participated in the launch of the ETTECEC project on January 11 at the Rectorate Building the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

President of the Asociación Mi Hijo y Yo, María Davinia González; Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the ULPGC, Ángeles Perera Santana; Deputy Minister of Education of the Canary Islands Government, David Pérez-Dionis, and Professor Octavio O’Shanahan introduced the ETTECEC project to the audience.

Following this, project partners from Slovenia and the Czech Republic had the opportunity to introduce their associations and facilities by showing a video. Partners from Autism-Europe, based in Belgium, introduced the organisation and highlighted the importance of respecting the right to provide autistic children with adapted education according to their specific needs.

The project was successfully featured by different media including radio stations, television channels and press outlets.